Adam Kokesh’s Armed March on D.C. A Bad Idea!

On July 4, Pro-gun activist and former talk radio host Adam Kokesh is planning an armed march on Washington. We think this is a bad idea. Why? Read on for more:


NC State House Passes Crucial Bill

NC House of Representatives easily passed HB 714 which would prohibit the destruction of lawful firearms that are in safe working order. The bill now goes to the Senate where your help is needed to pass it. More information from the NRA-ILA appears below. Please take a few minutes to read the information from the NRA and then contact your Senators and ask them to vote for the bill.

Click this link to find your Senators’ contact information:

How safe did unarmed Bostonians really feel?

After observing last week’s lockdown and door-to-door search for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect, a question has nagged at me. How many of the thousands of people who were locked in their homes, waiting for police to nab the suspect, wished they had had a gun? Were they comfortable depending on the police and law enforcement to get there in time should the suspect cross their path? How many wondered what they would have done had the bomber barged into their home and taken them hostage? No matter how much they trusted their local law enforcement personnel, how safe did they really feel while they waited, unarmed? I am willing to bet that many of them felt more than a little vulnerable, frightened and unsafe.

Last week’s events illustrate exactly why we need to protect our Second Amendment at all costs. Our Second Amendment guarantees that we have the right to defend ourselves and our families during situations just like what happened in Boston. It insures that the law-abiding, legal gun owners have an equalizer against criminals and terrorists.

 Yet the liberals among us would have us believe that we don’t need to protect ourselves. They say it’s a job best left up to the police and law enforcement. I wonder how many people caught up in the events in Boston last week still agree with that?

 By the way, the Boston Marathon bombing suspect was in possession of an ILLEGAL weapon! This puts him in the same category as the Newtown shooter, the Aurora Colorado theater killer and the Columbine murderers. None of them were in possession of legally-obtained weapons!

 For more on this, check out the link to this blog. It’s a firsthand account written by a woman who experienced the Boston lockdown. The ordeal changed her outlook on guns and gun control. I wonder how many others had a similar change of heart?

Sen. Kay Hagan Says Our Votes Don’t Matter!

This from Grass Roots North Carolina, Senator Kay Hagan intends to vote in favor of S. 649, the gun control bill which would mandate stricter background checks and which would prohibit those who have been diagnosed with PTSD, ADHD and post-partum depression from owning weapons. Apparently her staffers informed several GRNC callers yesterday that it doesn’t matter if her vote causes them not to vote for her — they probably wouldn’t vote for her anyway.

What arrogance and blatant disregard for the very people she is supposed to represent! Please call Kay Hagan today and let her know just how many voters will be upset if she votes for this bill. If you voted for her in the last election, please be sure to let her know that! Her phone number is202- 224-6342.

While you’re at it, the GRNC has called for a protest at Senator Burr’s office at 10 a.m. today. If you can make it, please do so. His office is located at 2000 West 1st St.,  Suite 508,  Winston-Salem, NC 27104. And if you absolutely can’t make it, at least call! 
It you live too far away from this office, visit other district offices, which
can be found at: